National Beef Evaluations

The AHDB National Beef Evaluations were launched in late 2018, providing the first set of EBVs for UK beef cattle based on commercially sourced data. In 2022, we launched EBVs for three new maternal traits.

Performance data flows into the evaluation from a number of UK beef processors and the British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS), with pedigree information provided by BCMS and pedigree breed societies.

To breed animals that best suit your farming system, these EBVs should be considered in conjunction with EBVs from the relevant performance recording organisation for your breed of interest.

Updated EBVs are released three times per year, in April, August and December. To check our upcoming publication dates, please see important dates.

For more details on all of the EBVs published through the National Beef Evaluation, please see our trait definitions.